Kingdom of god

The obstacles to achieving it

July 8th 2015
I know that the kingdom of God, universal brotherhood, which I never stop presenting to you as an ideal, is seen by many as only utopian. They think this ideal is impossible to achieve in today’s world. No, it is not impossible. It is difficult, because most people are not ready to give up the satisfaction of their selfish desires and devote themselves to achieving a divine ideal, but it is not impossible. All it would take for the foundations of a new society to be established would be for them to study the celestial order and be inspired by that, instead of always taking the earthly order as their reference. The day Christians begin to take seriously Jesus’ words in the Lord’s Prayer – ‘Your will be done on earth as in heaven’ –, that in itself will be great progress. ‘As in heaven’: this means that there is a celestial order that has to be respected first. But for two thousand years they have been muttering this prayer while continuing to obey their own selfish and fairly unenlightened will. It is not that the kingdom of God is unachievable; it’s that humans, starting with Christians, just don’t want to make the effort to achieve it.