Living it as if it was our last day

July 10th 2015
To fully understand just how important the present day is, we must act as if it was our last. Some will say how awful it would be to have the thought of death constantly in mind like that, but they are wrong. Actually, living each day as if it could be the last encourages us to side with life, not death. When someone behaves carelessly and casually, as if they had all the time in the world, yes, then they are heading toward death, because they are wasting their life. The reason sages have advised us to live each day as if it was going to be our last is so that we will try to make today more useful, more beautiful and more precious – something unique! It is not a question of really believing it will be our last day; it is simply a teaching method for encouraging us to give it more meaning and beauty and to prepare the days that follow.