Mockery by comedians

The awful effects on adolescents

July 14th 2015
It is now accepted that comedians will mock everything and everyone, and especially those in the public eye – from politicians to the clergy –, also ridiculing religion while they are at it. Neither those whose profession it is to mock nor those who encourage them by laughing and applauding realize the awful effects of such behaviour. You may think, ‘But everyone knows it’s only a game!’ Maybe, but who is prepared to explain the harmful effects this ‘game’ will have on adolescents? To develop properly, adolescents need to respect adults. And if they are continually shown how stupid and grotesque their parents, teachers and country’s government are, it is hardly surprising if they end up no longer respecting anything. And then people complain, ‘Young people are unbearable, so insolent! Look how they behave toward adults!’ But whose fault is that? Whose example were they following?