Are living beings

July 16th 2015
At the Bonfin, in order to be present at the sunrise, we climb each morning up to a great rock. But do you think of sending love and good thoughts to this rock? You can even touch it, stroke it; its vibrations will change towards you as you do so, and you will feel great joy. Yes, stroke it from time to time as you would the hand of someone you love. Of course, it is rough like an elephant’s skin, but that doesn’t matter; like the elephant, it is full of goodness. Do not let yourself be fooled by appearances. You think a rock is inert, without a soul. No, a rock is alive; it has had an extraordinary history revolving around it for millions of years, which it is able to tell you about. When you are able to sense that the whole of nature is alive, you will know how to communicate with it. You will talk to the stones, flowers, animals, water, air, light, sun and stars, and they will also talk to you and teach you.