A dangerous exercise if you have not learned to control your psychic life

June 15th 2011
If you allow your thinking to be wasted, day in, day out, on all kinds of trivialities, do not be surprised if you come up against great difficulties, when you come to meditate and connect with the light. So many people complain, ‘Oh, it is so difficult to concentrate on a spiritual subject! I am constantly invaded by all kind of thoughts and feelings that take me elsewhere.’ And there have even been dramatic cases of this. In meditation you come face to face with yourself, and some people are so overwhelmed and caught unawares by the nature of the impressions and currents moving through them, they imagine these are being sent to them by other people, who are ill-intentioned and out to harm them. But attributing the turmoil you feel to an external cause solves nothing. Because of the way people lead their lives, they create within themselves chaotic thoughts and feelings, which they then increase and magnify. In the normal course of life, they may not realize this; it is only when at last they fall silent and want to stop and connect to the light that they feel invaded by all kinds of undesirable presences. But they should not delude themselves: they have attracted them. So begin by looking within for the cause of your difficulties, and work to control your thoughts: you will eventually get the better of them.