Through which the power of light is expressed

July 19th 2015
Learn to work with light, and you will understand that it is light that will bring you true riches. Thanks to light, even your relationships with those around you will improve. Why? Because when we live in abundance, we become generous and open to others. We feel the need to understand them and help them, and we are much less demanding and harsh with them. When you have learned to work with the seven colours that make up white light, you will discover all the power, clarity, purity and intelligence that light contains. Each colour is the expression of a power or virtue: red expresses life and love; orange, health and holiness; yellow, wisdom; green, evolution and eternity; blue, truth and peace; indigo, strength; violet, spiritual love and divine omnipotence. Work with the qualities of the seven colours, and you will feel enriched by all the blessings they contain.