A definition: directing each activity toward a beneficial purpose

July 21st 2015
Each one of us must be committed, ready to work. Cosmic Intelligence does not agree to anyone remaining unoccupied. They must make themselves useful by becoming part of a whole, part of a system, where they find their place. Why? Because those who wander aimlessly without direction end up becoming prey to dark forces, and disintegration and death soon follow, first on the psychic level and eventually on the physical level too. So each person must commit to a particular path and decide, in whatever way, to set to work. It is work that gives meaning to life. Some say it is love, others power, study or pleasure. They are not wrong, as long as they bear in mind the idea of work, meaning that whatever they do has a purpose that is beneficial for all, a divine purpose. Distrust anything that is not directed toward a divine purpose, for wherever order and harmony do not exist, chaos will be present.