Is only effective if we attempt to approach the lord rather than wanting to attract him to us

July 22nd 2015
There is no point reproaching the Lord for not answering your prayers, if all you are doing is asking him to come and visit you while you obstinately remain where you are. If you change nothing about your behaviour and how you think, how can you imagine that he will come and pull you out of the hell you have got yourself into? It’s like going down into a cave or a cellar and being surprised not to find the sun’s warmth and light there. What does the cave or the cellar represent? All the lower manifestations of the heart and mind, and all bad habits. So long as you do not give these up, you will remain in the dark and the cold. Those who refuse to leave behind their old ways of life but who still pray to the Lord to come and save them are no more likely to have their prayers answered than if they prayed to the sun to bring them warmth and light in the depths of a cave – they are wasting their time. It is up to them to start moving and make their way to him by improving their behaviour.