Is always the fruit of love

July 24th 2015
When we are born, we come into this world under the law of blessing. In fact, birth is given to humans as a possibility for them to make amends for their past mistakes and to develop the powers of light still dormant in them. A child comes into the world only because a man and a woman have come together to express their love: it is love that allows it to come into life. At birth every human being is visited by God. I know very well that many children are not really conceived in love, but I am talking generally and sticking to principles. When men and women meet and plan to one day become fathers and mothers, it does not enter their head that their child will be the fruit of chance or the result of violence, or that they will have to have recourse to artificial methods of reproduction. Deep in their heart and soul, everyone understands birth as being the natural fruit of love.