Watches over us, while giving us the lessons we need for our evolution

July 25th 2015
Humans define providence as a power which they think will keep them safe from danger and difficulties. But it’s not that at all! Providence is never averse to giving them the lessons they need for self-improvement. Sometimes, these lessons start out successfully, and so they feel happy, until the day they discover that this success also contained hidden traps. To acquire an important position and be recognized in one’s work, in whatever area, seems like an advantage. But often those who are successful tend to forget the essential qualities of kindness, generosity, humility and sacrifice. This is why they begin to experience challenges and difficulties, so that they learn to practise these virtues. Heaven is not concerned with keeping them safe: it watches and waits for them to learn the lesson. When it has been learned, they will regain their prestige in this life or another one, but they will have to remember it.