Spirit and matter

Must never be seen as separate

July 27th 2015
No matter where we investigate nature, we will never find spirit seeking to become free of matter. On the contrary; since the origin of creation, spirit has shown that it needs matter. Why? Because it needs to transform matter, to purify it and make it as vibrant as the light. If it got rid of matter, it would remain unproductive, for it is only through matter, its beloved spouse, that it can manifest and create. It is humans in their ignorance that want to force them to become divorced from one another. So do not trust all those philosophies that try to separate spirit from matter, some wanting to preserve only matter, others only spirit. The only true philosophy is the one that teaches us that spirit comes down into matter to master it, to give it life and to manifest through it. This is an endless task, of course, but spirit is never discouraged, and it continually returns to celebrate its union with matter.