Symbol of the centre or the summit, where we must be situated to assume our responsibilities

July 28th 2015
We endlessly oscillate between two poles: between the centre and the periphery, or the summit and the base. The periphery and the base stand for all the concerns of our lower nature, which cause us to leave our place at the centre or the summit. For it is only from the centre or the summit that we have control over our own life and are able also to fully assume our responsibilities toward others. Every man and woman whose duties are those of a parent, teacher, educator, business manager, magistrate, politician, and so on, must seek this centre or summit, because from there they can give everyone equal attention and care. If we are to contribute to the good of those around us and the good of all humanity, we have to be able to find the viewpoint that places us above prejudices and bias. By meditating on the sun we move closer to this viewpoint. Because the sun is at the centre and remains at the centre, it holds a whole world in balance, and the planets revolve harmoniously around it.