Always needed to get back on one’s feet

June 17th 2011
Imagine someone who has allowed themselves to completely lose self-control, leaving the field clear for lower entities, whose only aim is the disintegration of humans. Now this person is suffering, complaining and blaming all kinds of people for the state they are in. No, they shouldn’t blame anyone but themselves; they should tell themselves, ‘I haven’t worked as I should, and I haven’t studied properly’ and take themselves in hand to rectify the situation. Of course, this will take a long time. Those who have spent years entertaining chaotic thoughts and feelings will not be able to redress everything in a few days. They will also have to work for a long time before seeing results. Humans are so naïve! They have lived an unreasonable life for years, and when they decide to take a different direction they imagine they will need only a few days to change everything. Unfortunately, whatever they may imagine, it is impossible. Just as it has taken them a great deal of time to destroy themselves, so they will also need a great deal of time to recover completely. But the moment they decide to make an effort, they will straight away begin to feel an improvement.