Thoughts and feelings

Are food for the creatures of the invisible world

August 8th 2015
When we observe insects, we can make very interesting discoveries concerning our psychic life. For example, if you leave a bit of food lying about on a table, in no time at all insects (flies, ants, wasps, etc.) appear. How can they tell from a distance that there are scraps of food there? But if you remove the scraps, they go away. The same phenomenon also occurs on the psychic level. For on the psychic level too there are all kinds of creepy crawlies, which sense from afar the impurities humans leave lying around inside them. These attract them, and they come to feed on them. Everywhere, in all spheres, everything is food for something or someone. Evil, dark entities need to eat, as do entities of light. So, be careful; ask yourself which entities will use your thoughts and feelings as food.