Are necessary: different examples

August 13th 2015
We are told in the book of Proverbs that before God created the world he began by drawing a circle to establish its boundaries. And everything that exists only confirms how necessary, indispensable, boundaries are to the creation and preservation of things and beings: the cell is surrounded by a membrane, the brain is enclosed in the skull, and so on. And what is the skin’s function? It serves as a boundary. Observe the things around you, and you will find that the circle God drew as the boundary of his creation is replicated everywhere. If perfume is not contained in a bottle, it evaporates. When a house is built, first the boundary must be established with walls. What is a house without walls? It is the same on the spiritual plane. There too, boundaries are necessary. Before a mage invokes the spirits of light to take part in his work, he draws a circle around himself, establishing the boundary of the area he is going to work in. Disciples too must learn how to mentally draw a circle around themselves each day – a circle of light. Without this circle, their spiritual energy becomes scattered, and they are no longer kept safe.