Pleasing the public

The dangers of losing one’s soul

August 14th 2015
If you really need to be understood and appreciated by others, it is best to make the right choice concerning those whose esteem you seek. You will say, ‘Oh, we know that’. Are you so sure? Are you sure that you never do anything unfair or unkind to attract the approval or plaudits of others? When you take part in criticizing or making fun of someone, what are you doing? Deep down, you know very well that this criticism and mockery is often exaggerated, but to please others you not only laugh, you even chip in with something yourself. And how many people in the art world and in politics give way to compromising in order to be successful! Being appreciated by sages is of no interest to them, as there are so few that they will only provide a small public or very few votes at elections! But is it worth demeaning oneself for that kind of success?