Thoughts and feelings

The law of the backlash

August 15th 2015
The events you witness or take part in every day, as well as the people you meet, inspire certain thoughts and feelings in you. Be aware that, depending on their nature and the power you have invested in them, these thoughts and feelings follow a specific path in space and then return to their place of origin, that is, to you. If they are fair, kind and generous, blessings will come back to you, but if they are contaminated by poison from your head or your heart, do not be surprised if you feel poisoned. That is called the backlash, and it is a law that acts for good and bad. Of course, even if you are a disciple of Initiatic Science, you will not achieve mastery over your thoughts and feelings overnight, but it is essential that you become increasingly aware of the importance of this matter. After a while, not only will you be master of your psychic life, but when harmful influences from outside try to attack you, you will be able to repel them.