Immensity of god

How to conceive of it

June 18th 2011
Do you aspire to encountering what is infinitely great and feeling a connection with it? Then begin by touching what is infinitely small. This means that to reach God you must begin by focusing on the cells of your body. If you think of your cells each day, of how you can cleanse them, strengthen them and fill them with light, little by little you will feel yourself begin to touch the Divinity, which itself is purity, strength and light. One day, a disciple who had tried without success to meditate on the infinite greatness of God went to enquire from his Master. And the Master replied, ‘God is great because he takes care of the smallest things.’ That also means that all those who do not want to take care of the humblest people in life – the poor, the unfortunate, the ignorant – will never be great. When Jesus visited the poor, the sick and the prostitutes, or when he took children in his arms, he was demonstrating that he knew this law. All those who only want to spend time with the rich, the erudite and the powerful and who refuse to meet those of humble rank will never know the greatness of God.