Sense of brotherhood

Which life circumstances will increasingly force people to develop

August 18th 2015
You say you really would like to behave toward all human beings as if they were your brothers and sisters, but it’s so difficult! Of course it’s difficult, the hardest thing in the world even. But it is also becoming the most necessary. Scientific and technical advances have given all the planet’s inhabitants increasingly effective ways to express themselves and relate to one another. And as the population continues to expand, if people do not make the effort to master their selfish, aggressive tendencies, as well as their need to dominate, life will become impossible. For the moment, there are very few who understand this situation. The majority marvel at the means placed at their disposal and try to turn them to their advantage, without asking themselves whether what they consider useful and beneficial is equally so for others. They use and abuse the technology; it’s always about being the first, the richest and the most powerful in this or that, and they become aggressive and cruel. But that will not last long: the very conditions humans themselves have created will force them to develop more generous and more fraternal feelings towards one another.