Is conquered by light

August 19th 2015
Life is a long journey with surprises and danger along the way, but that is no reason to live in continual fear. For there is a law that says that the more we fear something, the more we attract it. So, if you do not want to attract misfortune, do not think about it or fear it! Of course, you must reflect and take precautions and, above all, become stronger, but do not let fear take a hold in you. So many people are at the mercy of their fears without realizing that these are caused by a lack of knowledge, a lack of light. Take for example when you find yourself in a dark place: you do not feel calm until you can switch on a light. Now let’s use this example to draw conclusions for the psychic plane: darkness, that is to say, ignorance, places you in all kinds of danger, and that is why you are afraid. But project light in your imagination, by which I mean arm yourself with the truths you need to confront the situations, and your fear will disappear.