Living consciously

Taking a look inside yourself several times a day

August 21st 2015
Strive to live consciously. To do that you must make a habit of regularly taking a look inside yourself to see what state you are in. This practice will gradually enable you to have control over all your cells, and one day you will feel you are truly master of your psychic world. When an accident occurs, we see the fire brigade, army and police arrive immediately to put out the fires, repair the bridges, unblock the roads, and so on. On the physical level, intervening immediately is seen as natural and even necessary. But on the inner level people do not know how to act; they are neglectful, not only allowing all kinds of damage to occur, but doing nothing to put it right. Well, we should take a look inside ourselves three, ten, twenty times a day to see what needs to be put right, and not put off doing it. Those who let everything slide in the belief that things will sort themselves out will have a long time to wait. And things may never even get sorted out.