Must never be used as a criterion

August 23rd 2015
Whatever the situation, you must never use pleasure as a criterion. Or, at least, know that it is a very inadequate one, because what gives humans pleasure generally feeds their instincts more often than their soul and spirit. You need only look at what they derive pleasure from: eating, drinking, seducing men or women, gambling, living in luxury, abusing power, seeking revenge, and so on – the possibilities are endless. But where do these things get them? In seeking pleasure, each person thinks only of themselves. Their pleasure is for them; they do not seek pleasure for others, only for themselves. In this way they limit their field of consciousness, and to acquire and protect this pleasure they are often forced to use despicable methods, to make demands and threats. When they have to go without this pleasure, they become violent and vindictive, and others find them unbearable and don’t miss any opportunity to make them aware of the fact. So, what advantages can they really derive from all that?