Help and protection

Only our spiritual work guarantees them

August 28th 2015
Human beings have come on earth to work, first and foremost on themselves, in order to go beyond and surpass themselves. You see people going to work every day, of course, but the main purpose of their efforts is to ensure the survival, material security and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. They do not think about the work of the psyche, which would enable them to master any situation. Believers count on the Lord for their protection, and it is even why they pray to him. As for non-believers, they expect help and assistance to come from society. Well, no, humans must be made aware that neither the Lord nor society will keep them safe. They have been sent to earth to learn and to grow, and the difficulties and trials they meet with are there to ensure they do just that; there is no escaping them. So, instead of rushing around protesting, making demands and asking for help, each person must do some inner work, for they will find the remedies, comfort and hope they seek first and foremost within themselves.