Law of the earth and law of the sun

Taking and giving

August 29th 2015
Someone will say, ‘What is the point of making the effort to be honest, good and generous when the law of the jungle reigns everywhere in society just as it does in nature? Why should I be any different?’ You hear this reasoning so often! But those who speak like this are considering only what they see on earth, which represents only part of the truth. If they glanced up at the sky, they would also see the sun, and the sun is the other half of the truth. On earth, animals and often humans too do nothing but absorb, swallow, take and lay waste, whereas all the sun does is shine, radiate and give, so that we may have life, warmth and light. Would we still have life if it were not for another law, the law of love and sacrifice, which is the law not of the earth but of the sun? So, if you are discouraged and saddened by everything you see on earth, think of the sun, accept its laws, be like it, and you will find courage and joy again.