Remaining loyal to one’s high ideal

August 31st 2015
Stability – that’s a subject people don’t much like to hear about. Being stable – how monotonous and boring! And they always need a change! But who’s saying that stability is incompatible with change? We can change many things in our life, so long as we never abandon our high ideal. Those who have decided to walk the path of light must make sure, whatever happens, that they always keep to the same direction. You must understand that stability does not mean an absence of movement. If you meet a true Master, you will see he is never rigid or fixed. On the contrary; physically and especially mentally he is always on the go, teaching and visiting those who need him. But in his inner convictions he remains steadfast: no seduction of any kind has a hold over him. To be stable is to be loyal to one’s inner commitments, to follow the upward path despite all opposition.