Clothes and jewellery

Their symbolic dimension

September 2nd 2015
Each day, the Lord invites us to his table, where he feasts in the company of the archangels. But as in the Gospel parable of the wedding feast, we are allowed to take part only if we are dressed in a wedding robe. This garment is obviously symbolic – it is the aura, a pure aura full of light – just as jewellery is symbolic: we find necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, and so on, mentioned in the Bible and in all sacred books. The precious stones and pearls this jewellery is made of are meant to represent the divine virtues. And make necklaces yourself, if you would like to. The number of beads can also be symbolic – 22, 24, 36, 108, 144, and so on – but that is not what is most important. The most important thing is to understand that making a necklace is a meaningful act: the thread stands for thought, which must bring together the powerful entities represented by the beads, and the needle is the will that drives thought. And when you put a necklace on, whether or not you made it, be aware that you are wearing something that is full of spiritual significance.