Pride and humility

Understood from the spiritual point of view: the former makes us poorer, the latter richer

September 4th 2015
Depending on the context, pride and humility are seen as either qualities or failings. But from the spiritual point of view, we can say that when pride is arrogance, it makes people poorer, whereas humility makes them richer. Look at the attitude of the arrogant: they puff themselves up and are full, whereas a humble person is empty. Well, it is that emptiness that attracts fullness, spiritual plenitude. For as soon as a void occurs anywhere in nature, a force rushes to fill it. We have to be humble to attract the Lord, for he cannot find space in receptacles that are already full: we have to have become empty inside for him to be able to enter. If you say, ‘Lord, I am crazy and you are wisdom, I am poor and you are wealth, I am weak and you are strength’, you are creating emptiness within you, and then the Divine will rush to fill you. But if you boast about your qualities and abilities, the Lord will say to you, ‘As you are so pleased with yourself, stay as you are; you do not need me.’