Practising paying particular

June 20th 2011
Everyone knows how important it is to be attentive, but attention has several aspects to it. The most important aspect is obviously the sustained application we need to do our work properly, to understand what is being said to us, to read a book, and so on. But there is also another form of attention called self-observation or introspection. It consists in being aware at each moment of the day of what is happening inside us, in discerning the currents, the desires and thoughts that move through us, the influences and conflicts we experience. This form of attention is not sufficiently developed. It says in the scriptures: ‘Keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour.’ Obviously, you won’t see a lion or the devil on the physical plane; the threat comes from the inner realm. It is there that desires, plans, passions and cravings are on the lookout, seeking to swallow you up. And if you do not pay attention, you will be devoured.