Access to a new life

September 8th 2015
Those who understand the significance and the aim of their earthly existence leave life with the feeling of having carried out the task for which they came, and they know they will pursue their work in the world beyond. This is why death does not frighten them: they feel, they know, that they are going to continue to live and work elsewhere. The light of knowledge eliminates fear. People are afraid of death because they do not know it. So you should familiarize yourselves with the idea of your passing, which is in reality the continuation of life in another form. There is only life, limitless life, everywhere in the universe. This is why you must not pray to be saved from death but to live. Do not say you are going to die; say that you are going to carry on living. Fix in your mind the thought not of prolonging this life on earth but of entering a new life.