Fashions the physical body

September 17th 2015
Everything that is registered on our body and our face today was first prepared and formed in our psyche. For there is an absolute, implacable law, according to which each thought and each feeling triggers currents of energy, which produce effects right down to the physical level. Of course, these are not immediately visible. During the course of a day a mass of emotions and fleeting sensations passes through us, and even if these states of consciousness are instantly registered somewhere in our subtle matter, they are not deeply etched on our physical body or even on our face. In ordinary life, our face expresses our capital in action, in other words, what we are currently experiencing, like ripples on the surface of water. The only movements that are deeply etched in us are those that were set in motion a long time ago and that are repeated often. Knowing this, you can understand the power you have to fashion your body and the features of your face.