Is found not in form but in the life of the spirit

September 18th 2015
People still do not know what the true beauty of any being is, because they are too focused on form. If this form is harmonious and pleasant, they exclaim, ‘How beautiful!’ But behind the form there is still more to know: the fragrances and emanations coming from the deepest part of this being, the life flowing there… And if they were able to go even further and see that part of the person living in the heavenly realms, they would discover even greater beauty: the splendour of the spirit. But the splendour of the spirit is an essence that is much too subtle to find physical expression. True beauty cannot be described: it is pure life, exuberant life… If you look at a diamond on which a ray of sunlight has just fallen, you are dazzled by the sparkle and brilliance of the colours. That is true beauty! The degree to which people are able to capture the light and immerse themselves in its vibrations and its bursts of colour indicates how close they are to true beauty.