Necessary for feeling the divine presence within us

September 21st 2015
Believers do not have the right idea about religion any more than non-believers: they imagine that all they have to do is kneel down in a church or a temple and say a few prayers to feel they are in the Lord’s presence. Well, no, you can only feel the Lord’s presence when you have cleansed yourself within. When dust and soot have collected on a windowpane, the sunlight cannot shine through. In the same way, the divine presence cannot enter someone who has not rid themselves of their impurities. There is always work to be done; you should think of doing this cleansing each day, morning and evening. By analysing your inner states, your thoughts and feelings, and by doing your best to master them and set them on the path of good, you will become like a transparent crystal that lets heaven’s light through. And then, yes, you will feel the Lord’s presence.