Higher self

We get closer to it by forming a light-filled image of ourselves every day

September 22nd 2015
So long as humans make do for now with the image they have of themselves, they are kept down in the lower levels of their consciousness, because this image, which is so mediocre and ordinary, influences and limits them. They should work to create a more beautiful, nobler and more light-filled image of themselves. As this image affects them, it will produce other subtler vibrations and encourage in them nobler, more generous impulses. They will feel the need to become like this image, and so they will make progress and raise themselves up. Without this image, which is the only thing able to take them higher, human beings are condemned to stagnate, and they will never know their own reality. You will say, ‘But what reality? The reality is what I am, here, now!’ No, this reality is not truly real. Your true reality is your higher self. The rest, what you see as reality, is an illusion, a lie. This is why you must try to raise yourself up to your higher self, your divine self, which is the only reality, and strive to identify with it.