September 23rd 2015
When autumn comes, the leaves fall from the trees and the ripe fruit is picked. Some fruits, like nuts and chestnuts, lose their shell. Autumn is the time of separation. And just as the fruit separates from the tree and the stone or seed separates from the fruit, so one day the human soul will separate from the body. In autumn the sight of nature and the atmosphere emanating from it invite us to meditate on this separation. When the time comes, the human soul must leave its body, its wrapping, and just as grain is sheltered in a granary until it is sown in winter, so the soul is given shelter in heaven. Later, like the grain, it will be sown again, that is, sent to earth to reincarnate. So, for the soul, this will be winter: it will suffer, remembering nostalgically the place it has left, the place where peace and light reigned. But it will work and bear fruit, thinking of the happy days when it will return to its heavenly homeland.