Only try awakening it in purity and with self-control

June 22nd 2011
Do not trust books that claim to give you the means of acquiring magical powers by working on the chakras. They will explain that you have to begin by doing prolonged concentration and breathing exercises in order to awaken the kundalini force. I won’t say that these exercises do not bring results, but what results! If you try to develop your chakras without lengthy preliminary studies and work, you expose yourself to every danger. It is just like entrusting a child with matches. What will they do with them? They will start a fire. Well, you should know that the kundalini force, which has to be activated if the chakras are to be awakened, is a veritable fire, and anyone who has not practised acquiring purity and self-control runs the risk of seeing the kundalini become a raging fire that destroys them. Whereas, those who begin by working on purity and self-mastery will also be working indirectly on their chakras, enabling them to awaken and begin functioning without any danger to themselves.