Gained through study must be placed in the service of everyone

September 27th 2015
It is of course good that young people who study should gain as much knowledge as possible. But then they must ask themselves who or what they will be serving with their knowledge. How many of them are aware of their responsibility? Do they say to themselves, ‘What wealth I now have! With everything I have learned, I should make myself useful to others. It would be unfair for me to be the only one to profit from it’? They will, of course, be useful in their job, but that is not enough. Are doctors, lawyers, chemists, engineers, economists or journalists concerned in everyday life about placing their knowledge selflessly in the service of others? Study does not of itself create better people; sometimes it even makes real public menaces of them! On the other hand, knowledge in the hands of those who have worked on their character and resolved to use it for the good of all is a source of blessings!