Kernels of fruit

Analogy with our thoughts and feelings, which we must also plant in the ground

September 28th 2015
Seeds and kernels that we sow or plant in the soil all eventually grow and bear fruit. And the same is true of our thoughts, feelings and wishes... Master Peter Deunov in Bulgaria asked us not to throw away the stones from fruit we had eaten, but to plant them. And I will advise you to do the same thing. If you do not have a garden, bury them where you can. The important thing is to be aware that the stone in a fruit is a creature that needs to give birth to the living germ it carries within it. The main aim of this exercise is to make you aware that within you there are other kernels to be planted: ideas, thoughts and feelings. When they produce fruit, not only will you yourself be in abundance, but you will be able to nourish many, many creatures.