Is based on faith in the powers of life and the powers of good

September 30th 2015
On what must you base your hope? On the certainty that the future can always be better. Even if the present is not particularly great, the powers of life and the powers of good are such that they can always triumph over evil, once you decide to ally yourself to them. Someone will say, ‘But what hope is there for me? Everything I take on fails. I have no future!’ That depends of course on what you call your future. If you see your future only as material, social success or as a love story worthy of a fairytale, then maybe your horizons really are blocked. But your true future, your future as the son or daughter of God, lies wide open before you. Every day is different. You may not have seen the sun today, but tomorrow it will shine again. For those who know what to base their hope on, nothing remains closed forever.