Summit within

Which we need to reach to have a clear vision

October 3rd 2015
Our vision is limited when we are at the foot of a mountain. But when we climb to the top, our view carries a long way in front of us and around us, and we discover the whole panorama. A mountain, with its base and summit, also symbolizes our psychological world. The base is our mind and heart, which are forever calculating, limiting or obscuring our vision and misleading us. Even if this calculating proves to be useful for a certain period or in certain contexts, after a while it is likely that it will no longer fulfil our expectations. The summit is the spirit, which sees everything perfectly and from very far away, and which guides us and strengthens our convictions. It is saying to us, ‘For now, what you see appears to be the truth, but carry on climbing...’ Maybe we will never reach the top, but the most important thing is to not stop climbing. As we gradually enter the light of the spirit, we leave uncertainty and illusions behind us.