Before meals, to invite the lord to our table

October 4th 2015
Where does the custom of praying before a meal come from? You may say it is a way of showing gratitude toward the Creator: it is thanks to him that we are able to eat. Yes, of course. But this custom also originates from the knowledge initiates possess about the reality of the invisible world. They know that countless creatures exist on the astral plane and that they too are hungry and thirsty and so try to slip into human beings to feed through them. In humans, nutrition is a function that still remains very close to the animal instinct, and if they’re not careful, when they eat they also take in entities from the astral plane similar to their own instinctual tendencies. By saying a prayer to the Lord before a meal, we invite him to eat with us, and once we have opened the door to him, no unwanted entities from the astral plane are able to enter.