Don’t break it unless you have made every effort to save it

October 8th 2015
Given that humans are far from perfect, it is to be expected that their imperfections will complicate their relationships. A man and a woman meet, they like each other, decide to live together and then get married. Time goes by and then the disagreements start, and there is nothing surprising in that. But instead of immediately thinking of separating, they should first try to overcome their difficulties by saying to themselves, ‘If fate led me to my husband (or wife), there must be a reason. So I will try not to break our union, and that way I will learn and better myself.’ There are of course cases when it is better to leave someone you no longer get on with, but only after you have made the necessary effort to save the situation by being patient, kind and generous. If not, you will find yourself faced with the same problems once again. Whether in this incarnation or in the next, you cannot avoid it: you will change husband or wife, but you will experience the same difficulties until you have learned to work on your character.