Shows a person’s degree of evolution

October 9th 2015
Silence shows a person’s degree of evolution. That is why, in your movements and your activities and in all the ways you express yourself during the day, you should learn to love silence and cultivate it. Why do people feel they can talk loudly, shout, knock into things and slam doors? This behaviour is unpleasant for those around them, as well as harmful for themselves. But are they even aware of this? Most of them are not. How they are is how they behave; they are very happy with the way they are and think that others should just put up with them. Well no, their selfishness is very detrimental to their evolution. So, be careful not to disturb others by making a noise. In this way, you will develop the qualities of attention, sensitivity and refinement, and you will create better conditions within yourself for contacting the energies and entities in the world of light.