Religion, true

An awareness that god dwells in the soul of every human being

October 10th 2015
Over the ages, religions have more often than not resembled families tearing each other apart. Not only have they claimed to be the only ones to possess the truth – the only legitimate heirs of the heavenly father – but within each religion there is also so much conflict and injustice. As if it were up to humans to decree who is a son or daughter of God and who isn’t! You will say that nowadays people have become more tolerant as regards religion. Yes, and why? Because, often, religion is only a matter of indifference. As for those who say they are believers, they are no more ready to show openness or understanding. The true sons and daughters of God are those who can find God and worship him in others’ religions too. They have understood that God dwells in the souls of all beings and that that is where they must look for him. Throughout the world there are beings in whom the divine truly dwells. This is what we should be able to sense in them, instead of worrying about the religion they belong to, for wherever these beings are, God is there too.