Of fate only seem that way

October 12th 2015
Every difficulty you are faced with must serve your evolution. That is why you mustn’t revolt, thinking you are the victim of fate’s injustice. Someone may say, ‘I didn’t deserve that!’ How can they know what they deserve? They don’t know themselves: they don’t know their distant past, they don’t really know their present, and they only have a very vague idea of their future. So how can they claim that fate or the Lord is treating them unfairly? Even when the judges in a court case sentence an innocent person, – and history is full of miscarriages of justice! – behind this injustice there is actually a justice. This has even been the case with certain saints, initiates and great Masters, who have been imprisoned, burnt or crucified. It seemed unjust, but in reality these ordeals happened for a reason, and they had to accept them, either to pay a past debt or to understand certain truths that they would not have understood otherwise, or to become stronger. The idea of divine injustice prevents humans from evolving. Whatever happens, they must not feel they are victims of an injustice. Only then will they be able to take a big step forward.