Sporting events

An analogy with the difficulties of daily life

October 14th 2015
Showjumping, skiing, car racing, mountain climbing and so on are difficult sports requiring much effort, patience and endurance. But they are also dangerous, and yet many people don’t think twice about taking part in them. And what interest and admiration these men and women arouse in those watching! Why? Because these sporting events, which are games, reflect the difficulties we all have to face in daily life: running, jumping, fighting, swimming, climbing peaks... So then, since these games reflect the problems we have to solve every day, why not think of our everyday problems as games? From now on, when you are faced with a difficulty, instead of feeling overwhelmed or irritated, say to yourself, ‘Here is another chance I have to achieve something. How should I go about it to succeed?’ Yes, from time to time you should give yourself challenges like that. And you will see that not only will the difficulties appear easier to cope with, but you will draw new confidence from each victory.