Humility before god

Enables us to manifest his greatness

October 15th 2015
When people are too self-confident they provoke others: they make enemies for themselves, and they spend part of their time in confrontation and settling scores. They should take a good look at themselves and say, ‘I am not really that wise, nor am I that good or strong. So I should have confidence not in myself, but in the One that is all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful.’ And, thanks to this self-doubt and their faith in God, they will allow the Lord to come into them and manifest through them, and wherever they go they will be a source of peace and harmony. When you have learned to be humble before the Lord, he will manifest through you, and that is when you will obtain true power, spiritual power. Your salvation lies in being aware that you are very little on your own and that your greatness comes from God. Believe in yourself, but on one condition: that through this being you call ‘me’ it is God you believe in.