Ceiling, walls and floor

Analogies with the human structure

October 16th 2015
Parallels can be drawn between human dwellings and the structure of the psyche. Take for example a room in a house: it has a ceiling (from which we hang lights), walls (with doors and windows) and a floor. Well, the ceiling, walls and floor correspond to the three areas of thought, feeling and action. The light of thought, that is to say wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, comes from above, from the ceiling. Feeling corresponds to the walls, where there are doors and windows enabling us to communicate with the outside world. To give the walls a more pleasing appearance, we hang paintings and mirrors on them, and we hang curtains at the windows. The windows, which have glass panes, represent our eyes. That is why it is important to regularly clean windows, the windows of our heart, to let the light in. Finally, action is represented by the ground, the floor we walk about on when carrying out our various activities. This is a page from the book of living nature, a book we will never finish studying.