Comes not from god but from ourselves

October 20th 2015
Most humans derive so much pleasure from noting other people’s negative sides, from passing comment on them and finding ways to punish them that many people think the Lord does the same. But why do they attribute their own unhealthy tendencies to the Lord? God does not bother about humans’ failings, and he does not punish them either. They themselves create disarray in their own mind, heart and soul through their failings, and this disarray then has negative repercussions for their whole life. The ‘punishment’ is nothing more than the result of a negative, harmful cause they themselves have created. To help humans evolve, it is necessary to explain to them how their thoughts, feelings and behaviour affect their psychic and physical bodies. They need to be shown that whatever they do, good or bad, inevitably has an impact on them. Whether they will take any notice of these explanations immediately is another matter, but one day they will have to admit that what they were told was correct.