A will supported by the mind and heart

October 21st 2015
We can be sure that those people who never let things get them down, no matter what difficulties they have to overcome, will go a long way. You may say, ‘Never let things get them down? How is that possible?’ It is made possible by their willingness. Yes, willingness, for the will alone is not enough. When faced with difficulties, it is not enough to say, ‘I’ll hold on in there’, while gritting your teeth and clenching your fists, for you cannot be certain that you will be able to be stronger than the events you’re faced with, and you will wear yourself out. What I call willingness is a will supported by a mind that seeks to understand and learn from events, and by a heart that is always open to others. This willingness is also a form of patience. Nothing can discourage it. This is why patience is a quality that must accompany all other qualities: we should be wise and patient, generous and patient, strong and patient. Otherwise, all these qualities of wisdom, generosity, strength and so on very quickly lose their power.