Are living beings

October 22nd 2015
Stones are living beings. Since the whole of the universe is alive with the life of God, stones too are alive, which also means that they can experience delight and even think. You will however argue that, because they have not received an etheric body like plants, much less an astral body like animals or a mental body like humans, they cannot be said to be alive. That is true; stones don’t have an etheric body, an astral body or a mental body, and what we call sensitivity, feeling or thought is totally foreign to them. But they are alive. If they are placed at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, it is simply because their spiritual body is so far away from them that it does not communicate with their physical being. Stones are indeed vessels for spiritual entities, but the entities have not come down far enough in them to be able to animate them. That is why they appear to be lifeless. So then, what is it in stones that experiences delight and thinks? It is the spirit very far away on high, not the stones themselves. And when we move them or smash them, they accept this and are happy: they feel they are going to participate in the construction of something new.